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We are App-Studio, a creative and energetic team to performing differently, a brand which puts its strategy on providing mobile application, web services and cooperating with other companies in outsource manner. The youth, creativity and experiences of team members make an appropriate combination for you to reach your commercial ideas. Therefore if you think it is time to develop your business in virtual world, we present you the best and the last technologies and experiences of online world.

  • Web design

    Include all the services related to setting up the websites and commercial, educational, personal and institutional web services based on the newest web technologies such as HTML5, Node.js, Ruby on Rails and NET.

  • App design

    include designing and implementation of mobile applications for all the mobile plat forms (IOS, windows phone, Android) and the mobile devices and tablets which are capable of registering the application in AppStore and Google Play.

  • Graphic design

    Include designing and implementation of UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) based on business needs and clients branding strategies.

  • Our Services

    App-Studio is always interested in creating the services which bring new and distinct application in human life. The innovative ideas of team members make the opportunity to create a new user experience.

App Studio with its technical mobile and web team is capable of performing different projects in both terms of time and number. Following are the examples of our successful internal and foreign mobile and web products.

  • Mobinnet Internal Portal

    this project provides differrecnt kind of functionalities for Mobinnet employees such as booking vacation, observing working hours and shift information and etc.

  • CES

    this project provides an online booking system based on voice processing

  • Teamcamp Online Project Managment

    TeamCamp is an online project managing service. The most important purpose of creating this system is reducing complications of managing teams and enhancing the efficiency of team members by giving a perfect view toward the process.

  • Mobinnet Sync Service

    This is an online syncoranization service that syncs all the data between logestice systems like Accounting, Vendor, HRM an etc

  • Viadeo Campuse

    This is a service for collage student and graduated to find job opportunities, usefull content and courses


    Sibcheh is the biggest application market for IOS devices in Persian language and an active brand in providing mobile applications in and out of Iran. App-Studio is cooperating with this brand in outsource way and producing applications for them.


    Studio-lol is one of the authentic companies in web and mobile fields and the business partner of some valid brands like Fred and Farid in Europe. They did some admirable jobs for the famous brand Diesel. App-Studio as the business partner of this brand in Iran cooperates with them in web and mobile fields.


    MobinNet is the biggest Iranian Internet service provider. App-Studio cooperates with this company in various fields of projects like mobile, website services and software supporting systems.


    Codotrix AB is a Swedish IT company located in Gothenburg city found by two holding companies in 2013 to be a production side of it's sister companies. Today, board of directors decided to open company services to every one.


    Padika solution is a software company in mobile and web fields in Toronto CA. App- Studio is cooperating with them in providing websites and applications for the real estates.

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